How Long You Need To Hold A Plank To Flatten Your Belly

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Do you want to flatten your belly? Well, you can try Planks. I read this wonderful article on MSN about Planks. The Plank is a great abdominal exercise anyone can do. According to certified personal trainer Doug Sklar, to see the most rewards when it comes to Planks you need to hold 3 sets of Planks up to 60 seconds each.

If you are new to Planks don’t injury yourself trying to hold a Plank for an excessive amount of time. Doing so can lead to a lower back injury. So it best to start out with holding a Plank for 10 seconds and then relaxing for 5 seconds. Repeat this method for 3 to 6 sets and you will have a slimmer belly in no time!

If you are interested in reading more, you can read the full article on MSN at  https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/fitness/this-is-exactly-how-long-you-need-to-hold-a-plank-to-flatten-your-belly/ar-BBSBONO?ocid=spartanntp

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Want to Live Longer? Science Says to Do These 5 Things

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When it comes to life, most people want to live a long, fulfilling life. And while sciences are yet to find the fountain of youth, some have identified certain behaviors and that can increase the longevity of our life.

There have been many studies on how to live a longer life. Sciences say to live a longer life we should do the 5 following things.

  1. Eating a health diet. A diet full of fruits, vegetable, whole grains, nuts and health fats.
  2. Exercise Regularly. Aim for at least 50 mins to 75 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise per week.
  3. Maintain a health body weight. Aim for a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9.
  4. Drink only in moderation. No more than 1 to 2 alcohol beverages a day.
  5. No smoking. Smoking can lead to health problems such as stroke, heart attack and cancers.


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How Lindsey Lost 64 Pounds

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Story originally shared by PopSugar
While on vacation in Las Vegas with her brother and her brother’s girlfriend, Lindsey took a picture in her bathing suit and once she looked at the picture she realized she was overweight and unhealthy, according to PopSugar.  At that moment Lindsey made up her mind that she was going to lose weight and get healthy.
After Lindsey returned home from vacation she weighed herself and she was 204 pounds.  She wondered to herself how she could let herself tip 200 pounds, according to PopSugar.  Soon after Lindsey started Weight Watchers and never looked back, according to PopSugar.  Lindsey lost 64 pounds and now works out several days a week at the gym.  Lindsey enjoys Cycling classes and she lifts weights several times a week, according to PopSugar.
Check out Lindsey’s full weight loss story below:


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What to eat after a workout

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Originally shared by Cooking Light
No matter what time of day you exercise you need to refuel and recover.  According to Cooking Light, you should eat 30 to 60 minutes after a workout.  Your post workout meal should include foods that have protein and carbohydrates to help your muscles recover and help restore your energy, according to Cooking Light.  Below is a list of foods Cooking Light suggest you should try to eat after a workout.
1. Homemade Sports Recovery drink.
2. Protein Packed Sandwich.
3. Grab and Go Granola.
4. Egg Sandwich.
5. Fish.
6. Plant based protein such as Beans.
7. Peanut Butter.
Read Cooking Light’s full article below:


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A teacher describes how he lost 148 pounds

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Story originally shared by Runner’s World
In 2015 Zac weighed 408 pounds and was in a great place mentally but wanted to get in shape physically.  Zac has always been a big kid and used food as a coping mechanism. 2013 was a very bad year for him.  Zac lost his job, his processions burned up when his apartment caught fire and his dad pasted away.  He gained 75 pounds that year and his doctor told him he was pre-diabetic.
In 2015, Zac got a new job and started to feel better mentally.  After a frustrating meeting at his new job, Zac was looking for a way to vent his anger.  When he arrived home he put on his father’s running shoes and went for a run.  That’s the day Zac became a runner.  He made small goals throughout his weight loss journey.  His first goal was to run a Turkey Trot 5K, which he did in November 2016 and in October he ran in the Chicago Marathon.  Zac now weighs 260 pounds and one of his new goals is to add weight training into his workout.
Read Zac’s full story below:


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